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april's triple threat tax filing service: why it matters
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The world of taxation, much like other sectors, has undergone a significant digital shift. Embracing modern technology is no longer just about convenience; it's necessary to ensure accuracy, timeliness, and compliance. In recent years, there has been a considerable push toward making the tax filing process more streamlined for taxpayers.

Various companies offer tax services that interact with taxpayers in different ways. Among these are the Electronic Return Originator (ERO), the Transmitter, and Software Developers. Some EROs might also function as Transmitters, while others partner with third parties for this role. Software Developers play a crucial role in shaping the tools used in this process by crafting software compliant with IRS specifications. april operates in all three of these domains; here is a closer look at what that entails:

Electronic Return Originator (ERO)

The Electronic Return Originator (ERO) is the Authorized IRS e-file Provider who originates the electronic submission of a return to the IRS. The ERO is usually the first point of contact for most taxpayers filing a return using IRS e-file. Link


A Transmitter sends the electronic return data directly to the IRS. Electronic Return Originators (EROs) may apply to be Transmitters and transmit return data themselves, or they may contract with an accepted third-party Transmitter to transmit the data. Link

Software Developers

Software Developers develop software to format returns according to the IRS’s electronic return specifications. Software may be designed for use by Electronic Return Originators, Reporting Agents, or Taxpayers. Link

End-to-end control

april's tax software, backed by intelligent algorithms, provides a personalized experience that guides taxpayers through an intricate maze of tax codes and securely sends the self-prepared file to the IRS. Our software and electronic filing system were cohesively designed, which can decrease potential errors since there's no intermediary between the tax software and sending federal returns to the IRS. For federal filers and april supported states, once the taxpayer reviews and submits their return for filing, april takes care of transmitting it.

april oversees the entire tax workflow, from designing and maintaining our tax software to directly interfacing with the IRS e-file system. This allows for continuous optimization, customization, and adaptability to changing tax laws and regulations. This benefits the client who partners with april, who can add a tax solution to their suite of products without having to navigate IRS regulations on their own.

Our journey to offer our services

Becoming an Authorized IRS e-file Provider requires meeting specific technical data security and transmission standards. AsElectronic Return Originators (EROs), Transmitters, and Software Developers, our commitment to quality means we work diligently to ensure our software aligns with current tax-related requirements and procedures. Our software undergoes a series of security tests, and we stay as  up-to-date as possible on new tax legislation to provide taxpayers with the best tax experience.


ERO’s, transmitters, and software developers all play vital roles in enhancing the tax filing experience. Combined, we create a nimble solution for individual taxpayers and our clients. Our goal at april is to offer a product that integrates these roles, simplifying the tax filing journey for our users.

Acceptance to participate in the electronic filing program does not imply endorsement by the IRS or the Treasury Department of the software or quality of services provided.


This content is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as tax, legal, financial, or other professional advice. Rules and regulations vary by location and are subject to change, so please consult with an expert if you need specific advice. Any data shared is subject to applicable law and consent.

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