Taxes are everybody’s business

Embedding intelligent year-round experiences can do a lot for yours

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Get them a return that will make them return tomorrow

Our filing and estimating experiences work seamlessly together to help your customers build a holistic, year-round view into their financial lives.

Why customers love us

15 mins

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The only speeding that’s legal

AI-powered tech gets people through tax flows quickly and accurately


average 2021 refund, according to the IRS

More money in their wallets today

Optimize paycheck withholdings for their holistic tax situation

Trustpilot review

An experience that delights

Your customers may even love doing their taxes (gasp!)

Why businesses love us

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We love taxes,
so you
don’t have to

april is a full-stack embedded solution that’s designed to handle complex situations, with an expert tax team standing by if support is needed.

You can be the hero to your customers

Customize the look and feel of april’s tax flows and get the credit for being their tax hero.

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And the hero to your engineers

Our full-stack experience integrates easily into your app via deeplink or SDK. Minimal development time needed to provide a game-changing tax experience.

Tax software built for security and compliance

  • 1,600+ IRS business rules integrated into the filing flow
  • IRS 7216 data compliance
  • Tax scenario testing completion
  • ID verification that meets IRS standards
  • Fraud mitigation controls
Screenshot of April's app

Your customers won’t dread tax
when you embed tax

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