We are a mission-driven organization.

April believes that every taxpayer should have an exceptional tax experience, regardless of your background, income bracket, or what you can afford to pay.

Why? It is our obligation to pay our taxes, but that doesn’t mean we need to stumble through the process. Taxes can be a human-centric experience, where you come out ahead.

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We put the taxpayer in the center, wherever they go.

April uses a data-driven approach to personalize the tax experience and minimize the burden on taxpayers. We build products to improve your financial wellbeing, reduce anxiety around taxes, and provide tools that put your taxes to work for you.

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For financial Institutions

April is a first-of-its-kind tax experience that is completely frictionless and integrated with the financial services ecosystem. Unlike other DIY tax solutions, we leverage and reinforce your relationship with your members, driving mutual value, savings and new offerings.

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For Developers

For developers, April provides simple and robust APIs for you to leverage every aspect of the US tax code, and perform calculations and AI-based simulations for creating new experiences within your application or platform.

We don’t compromise your experience for profit.

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We value your trust. Our products are designed to give you a great experience, not nickel and dime you throughout the process.

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Designed by tax experts, we guarantee optimal refunds, accurate tax filings and full compliance with the US tax code.

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We use machine learning to personalize and streamline your experience, while saving you time and money.

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We keep your information safe and secure using state-of-the-art cybersecurity and by following all privacy protection guidelines, policies and laws.

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April is engineered for all Americans who want a hassle-free tax experience that can actually help you get ahead.

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We aim to provide professional tax support that works diligently in the background, so you can file with confidence.


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